Watch: Amusing Animated Superhero Brief 'Rebooted' About Owl Man

Rebooted Short Film

“All these digital camera strikes are actually scrambling my eggs!” Pow! Zam! Growth! In honor of the Annecy Film Festival for animation this week, I am that includes a couple of animated brief movies which are value watching. Subsequent up is a enjoyable one titled Rebooted, a 3D animated brief movie made by Sagar Arun and Rachel Kral from Ringling School of Artwork and Design. The idea of this includes a retro comedian guide superhero being launched to the gritty, darkish “rebooted” model of himself. It is an amusing riff on Batman and all the present DC superhero films with darkish, brooding characters. It isn’t the most effective brief ever, nevertheless it’s a really intelligent concept executed nicely. ›››

Proceed Studying Watch: Amusing Animated Superhero Short ‘Rebooted’ About Owl Guy

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